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Our abundance of camping & festival experience got us thinking – wouldn’t it be magic if there was something that could tell you where you pitched your tent, parked your car and where the hell all your friends have got to?

We’ve all been there, describing that you/the tent/the car is “near the big tree next to the blue thingy” enthusiastically explaining characteristics of said tree and thingy to no avail..

Well, we’ve come up with a magical solution in the shape of our new BC Tent Finder App, and although it does exactly what it says on the tin, it does a whole lot more, with super cool features we think you’ll love.

Adding Locations - Using GPS you can add and store multiple locations to your map, for example, where you and your friend’s tents are pitched, where to get a hot shower, the stage your favorite DJs are playing at and where your car is located at the end of it all. You wont loose or miss anything. You can take a snapshot on your camera of the location when saving it into your maps, so each place is saved with a picture showing handy landmarks, pin pointing the spot.

Sharing Locations -You can share & send your saved locations with friends, meaning you’ll all have exactly the same places saved and perfectly synchronized on your maps so you’ll always meet in the exact same spot.  

Weather Forecast – Get upto date weather information where ever you are in the UK

Instruction Manual - Just incase you’re a little rusty; we’ve uploaded an easy peasy step-by-step instruction manual on how to put up and take down your bell tent.

Compass -The app has an inbuilt compass, which allows you to navigate using GPS when there is no network coverage.

Torch Light - We’ve included a handy torchlight helping you to find your tent (and anything else) after the sun has gone down.

Podcast - We have uploaded all of our Boutique Camping podcasts for your listening pleasure. BC podcasts are an eclectic mix of soulful music for every moment, loving made by us for you.

Oh yea, and it free

Happy ‘Boutique’ Camping!

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